Friday, November 12, 2010

The colors have meaning..

The button blanket is normally made with 3 colors; red, black, and white. In pre-colonial times, some blankets were made with blue duffel instead of black. All the colors have a certain spiritual meaning to them.

Red; is the border lining of the button blanket and outline for the design. The color Red, represents super natural power, wealth, and nobility.

Black; the black background was believed to make the wearer invincible. And Death, when letting go of bad thoughts and behavior. It is also a form of dying and being reborn.

White; the white buttons represented peace, harmony, and balance. They also formed the family crest, and were sown onto the red border lining of the blanket.

Blue; blue duffel blankets are related to Father Sky and Flying beings.

Purple; purple duffel blankets represents wisdom of the ages.

D., Jensen, & P., Sargeant (Robes of Power) [1993]

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